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By Ian Wilson 23 March 2015 No comments

Tyril Glove

Dane's range of rider wear has been around for a while in Scandinavia and elsewhere, but it will be a new name to many British bikers.

They'll be pleasantly surprised by how complete and rider-focused the range is. From balaclavas, kidney belts and backpacks up to boots, gloves and textile suits, everything the serious rider needs is there, and the prices are seriously competitive.

Just take a look at this glove – one of more than a dozen offered by Dane. Called the Tyril Gore-Tex, its spec sheet reads like a RiDE editor's dream: goat skin, cow hide, nubuck, flexible armour, an easy-to-adjust Velcro wrist restraint and a Velcro flap on the cuff. It has touchscreenfriendly pads on the fingers, to make GPS and smartphone operation easier.

But perhaps the most remarkable feature of this three-season glove is that it's so light, flexible and slender, while feeling supportive and protective. They've got it just right. It won't clash with your jacket's sleeves or your bike's hand guards.

Why can't all gloves be this good? And you may struggle to believe the price: just under £100.

The rest of the range is similarly well priced, considering the high spec and quality materials involved – a choice of Gore-Tex jackets for less than £400 , for instance.

Article courtesy of: RIDE Magazine April 2015.