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March 2015

Packed with features - Torben Jacket

By Tina Rowe-Dunn 23 March 2015 No comments

Dane Torben Gore-Tex Pro JacketThe Torben is a new jacket from Dane, a new name in the UK. And it could be the best jacket you've never heard of!

DANE IS A name new to the UK market. They hail from Scandanaivia, and their range of textile men's and women's clothing stands out because they work closely with Gore-Tex, a company that only works with select partners. This keeps quality up, but normally makes their products notoriously expensive.

However this jacket, retails at £599!


By Ian Wilson 23 March 2015 No comments

Dane Clothing

Dane's range of rider wear has been around for a while in Scandinavia andelsewhere, but it will be a new name to many British bikers.


By Ian Wilson 23 March 2015 No comments

A few simple guidelines can minimise bulk and maximise comfort.

There are no hard and fast rules about layering, but there is a little science involved. Don't worry – you don't need to understand a single one of the laws of physics, or indeed human anatomy. You just need to trust us and the people who made the kit we're recommending here.

Ride Magazine Gear Guide 2015

By Tina Rowe-Dunn 23 March 2015 No comments


New to the UK, Dane offer a wide range of Scandinavian-designed gear for the serious motorcyclist, much of it using Gore-Tex membranes and other top-quality materials. Available from

It's not much to look at, but a well chosen mid layer can make all the difference to your riding comfort, whatever the weather.

*Mighty Thor

The Thor from Dane – a soft shell jacket designed as part of their impressively wide motorcycle collection.

Join the Adverture – Become a stockist for Dane Clothing!

By Ian Wilson 19 March 2015 No comments

Dane UK

Gerbing Heated Clothing is the UK distributor for DANE Clothing and is looking to appoint stockists throughout the UK for this high quality range of Motorcycle Clothing.