Probably the best motorcycle clothing in the world!

Probably the best motorcycle clothing in the world!

Denmark: the country that gave the world Lego, Carlsberg… and DANE - probably the best motorcycle clothing in the world!

DANE has been around since the 1960s, one of those under-the-radar brands that’s a bit of a secret in the UK, but wildly popular on the Continent. DANE was one of the early pioneers of Gore-Tex and today is one of the world’s leading specialists in Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing.  Danish design meets breathable, windproof and waterproof Gore-Tex technology to create kit that will keep you safe, warm and dry in spring, summer, autumn and weather.

DANE clothing is tested relentlessly over thousands of miles in all possible weather conditions for durability and effectiveness. Check out to meet Bea and Helmut, who have been riding around the world since June 2011 in DANE motorcycle clothing, feeding their experiences back to the design team with ideas on refinements and suggestions for new products. Nice work if you can get it!

Dane Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jacket

All-weather motorcycle clothing with a Viking vibe

DANE takes inspiration from the Vikings, those Nordic adventurers who never let the wet and cold stand in the way of a good raid. A thousand years ago they too were figuring out how to stay dry and warm in cold, harsh and unforgiving conditions. Not much has changed. Even then, layers were all the rage. Those woolly cloaks, leg wraps, mittens and tunics were the forerunners of today’s Gore-Tex jackets, thermal trousers, waterproof gloves and hi-tech bamboo basewear.

A brief history of DANE motorcycle clothing

DANE bikewear was launched in Denmark in the 1990s and has been pushing the boundaries of motorcycle clothing ever since, introducing new techniques of ventilating Gore-Tex garments and finessing the Storm Cuff, thereby solving the age-old debate about how to wear your motorcycle gloves (over or under the jacket?) to keep both the inside of your gloves and sleeves dry. The company has now been snapped up by the Dutch, but its Danish heritage continues to be proudly celebrated in its product names – places and landmarks in Denmark and Scandinavia. Ian Wilson of DANE says, ‘The thing about DANE is, it’s really fabulous stuff, really warm, at a competitive price point. When I’m riding a bike wearing DANE, I always notice how nice and quiet it is, even at 70mph. It’s so well-tailored, the air can’t blow your jacket up like a balloon and make it flap about. It’s sleek; it’s aerodynamic.’

Dane Ladies Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re looking for some Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing that’s out of the ordinary, give DANE a go – you won’t be disappointed. The customer reviews say it all:  

‘Quality and value for money is amazing.’ 

‘These trousers are outstanding.’

‘They're waterproof, which I can safely say after riding through torrential rain coming back from a 3,000-mile European trip.’ 

‘Great fit and so nice to get trousers with extra length for tall people.’  

‘I'm so impressed I'll be buying a Dane jacket for winter. Highly recommended.’

‘The fit is excellent.’

‘The best motorcycle trousers I've owned.’

Super six DANE pieces of kit for your adventures:

Ribe Gore-Tex® Pro* Motorcycle Jacket – one of our most robust jackets, and an MCN magazine Best Buy

Lyngby Air Gore-Tex® Pro* Motorcycle Trousers - perfect for die-hard riders in extreme weather conditions

DANE Norborg Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Glove – our best selling winter gloves

4-Season Baselayer Top and 4-Season Baselayer Pants – performance underwear that keeps you cool and comfortable

ESBY OutDry® boot  - featuring the most efficient waterproofing system in existence – it is completely integrated into construction. Ride Magazine Recommended.

You could ride this lot through the grimmest weather imaginable and come out the other side as dry as a bone. If you have any questions at all about DANE, just drop us a line.