Mens Gore-Tex® and Gore-Tex® Pro Motorcycle Jackets

Mens Gore-Tex® and Gore-Tex® Pro Motorcycle Jackets

Top quality materials, safety and superb wearing comfort are our top priority when it comes to jacket design. Dane is one of the world's leading specialists in Gore-Tex® Motorcycle apparel. Riders are our focus and all of our jackets have been specially developed just for us.

Each year we subject our products to extensive practical testing, involving thousands of kilometres in all possible weather conditions, before putting them into production. The results and the experiences of our test riders are passed back to the designers, who then make small alterations to the garments, if required, in order to achieve a perfect fit and optimum performance.  It's no wonder that our jackets consistently receive a 5-Star rating in press reviews. 

DANE Nimbus Gore-Tex® Pro* Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Julso Gore-Tex® Pro* Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Ribe Gore-Tex® Pro* Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Drakar Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Reykholt Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Jacket

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DANE Sealand Gore-Tex® Pro Jacket
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DANE Holsted XPR-Tex® Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Ragnar Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Folby Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Tonder XPR-Tex® Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Soro Summer Motorcycle Jacket (Long Length)

DANE Solrig Summer Motorcycle Jacket

DANE Hygge Down-Filled Midlayer Jacket

DANE Byge XPR-Tex® Unisex Motorcycle Raincoat