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With products that have been tested both on the road and in the laboratory, DANE GORE-TEX® apparel gives you the choice between Performance Shell and Pro Shell membrane technology.

GORE-TEX® Membrane

GORE-TEX® Membrane

GORE-TEX® Performance Shell

The perfect technology for the rider. GORE-TEX® Performance Shell apparel guarantees the highest levels of comfort for demanding racers thanks to superb breathability and long-lasting waterproof and windproof qualities.

GORE-TEX® Pro Shell 

GORE-TEX® Pro Shell products are available in two-layer and three-layer constructions. DANE demands only the best from its top products and therefore all of its products have a three-layer construction for optimum durability.

Protective Polymer impregnation

The outer materials used in DANE GORE-TEX® apparel are impregnated with a special water- and dirt-repellent polymer.

DANE GORE-TEX® Stormcuff

The DANE STORMCUFF has been developed to form a waterproof seal between jacket and glove. The glove is worn between the inner cuff and the jacket sleeve to create an overlap.

Material reinforcement

The use of highly durable materials along with the CE protectors, give DANE apparel extra protection. Examples are INVISTA 1000D Cordura ®, HDM SuperFabric® and ARMACOR®

Height-adjustable protectors

Protection and comfort are extremely important to DANE, and that is why we use only the best quality CE protectors with high-grade shock-absorbing qualities. The elbow and knee protectors are height-adjustable in most DANE models.

3M Scotchlite™ reflective materials

The high quality 3M Scotchlite™ reflective materials used in DANE apparel enhance visibility in the dark thanks to their intense reflective properties.

DANE Z-liner ventilation

Intelligently positioned ventilation zips ensure constant membrane cooling when opened, even in hot weather, giving extra support to the membrane function and maintaining constant riding comfort.

GORE™ LOCKOUT™ ventilation

The new, patented waterproof closure system for GORE biker apparel allows for extra ventilation that passes straight through the membrane to the body.

DANE dpT belt system

The dpT (dual-purpose Technology) belt system means that the jacket always has exactly the right belt length, without any flapping ends.

DANE pockets with overlap closure

To make the outer pocket completely waterproof, the must it requires overlap fastening and waterproof lining. Virtually all DANE jackets have a waterproof document compartment behind the flap, which also covers the zip fastening to make it waterproof.

DANE thermo lining with overlap

Most DANE jackets have a removable thermo lining to protect the most crucial areas. The double overlap at the front is highly effective in keeping out the cold.

DANE safety belt

The safety belt not only ensures that the jacket does not ride up if you have a tumble, but also keeps your back warm when riding. If the safety belt is not required it can be quickly and conveniently stored in the integrated bag.

DANE pre-set collar width

DANE jackets have specially constructed collars combining comfort with functionality. Many DANE jackets have the collar width adjuster located separately from the collar closure.

DANE Continuous seam width adjuster

In many DANE jackets the seam width can be adjusted by means of an integrated elastic cord. Most cord stoppers have been fitted in such a way that they can be adjusted with just one hand.

DANE Magnet closure

Innovative magnetic closure systems on the collar and trousers make it even easier to open and fasten DANE apparel.


Targeted use of a special 3D Air Mesh lining provides extra comfort.

DANE Hidden width adjustment

Arm and leg width need to be adjustable in order to reduce the amount of flapping. If the garment is worn without a thermo lining the jacket will be roomier. DANE has developed innovative solutions in order to prevent the garment from flapping as you ride.

Movement pleats

Movement pleats on the fingers make the gloves more comfortable to wear and give a better grip.

DANE Visor cleaner

Most waterproof DANE gloves have a velour leather insert or rubber flap on the index finger which can be used as a visor wiper.