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Dane Motorcycle Baggage to complement the range of Dane Clothing and include rucksack, pannier, tailpack and tank bag.
  1. Romo Tankbag
    Dane Romo Tankbag
    The Dane Romo Tankbag is an ideal motorcycle day touring bag for short one-day journeys. This compact Dane Romo tankbag has enough space to accommodate those essential items you need to take with you on a one-day motorbike tour. Strong magnets make sure the tankbag stays on the bike. Other design features of this black tank bag include: detachable carry belt map holder belly handle that can...Details
  2. Samso Tankbag
    Dane Samso Tankbag

    Regular Price: £114.99

    Special Price £109.99

    The Dane Samso Tankbag is a practical black expandable motorcycle tankbag with detachable side pockets. The detachable side pockets of this versatile tank bag enable you to take all your valuables with you without having to remove the whole tank bag when you stop for a break. Other design features of this tank bag include: magnetic mounting map holder expandable side pockets carry handle tha...Details
  3. Karby Tankbag
    Dane Karby Tankbag

    Regular Price: £55.00

    Special Price £34.99

    The Dane Karby Tankbag is a high quality waterproof black motorcycle tank bag. This practicle tank bag is fitted with a waterproof closure system and air-vent valve, making it ideal for ensuring your valuables stay dry during one-day motorbike touring. Other design features of this Dane Karby tank bag include: straps for mounting map holder detachable carry belt 100% waterproof by rolclosure...Details
  4. Anholt Side Bag
    Dane Anholt Side Bag
    The Dane Anholt Side Bag is a versatile black motorcycle seat bag that comes with a multifunctional mounting system and expandable storage. This practical expandable side bag from Dane is ideal for storing all those essential items that need to be taken with you when one-day touring. Due to its multifunctional mounting system it can be used as a side bag. Ideal for those seeking a flexible storage...Details
  5. Ikast Backpack
    Dane Ikast Backpack
    The Dane Ikast Backpack is a luxury smart waterproof backpack that is ideal for motorcyclists seeking a storage solution for both long journeys and shorter, one-day, tours. This black and grey Dane Ikast waterproof Backpack comes with a smart roll closure that ensures your luggage will stay dry. Additional design features include: Padded back panel Chest strap and waist strap Waterproof zip...Details
  6. Falster Backpack
    Dane Falster Backpack
    The Dane Falster Backpack comes with a separate laptop compartment and integrated rain cover. This black backpack is ideal for motorcyclists seeking to take their computer gadgets with them on the road as the integrated rain cover protects the laptop compartment from the elements. Other design features of this black Dane Falster Backpack include: belly strap and chest strap anti-slip bottom r...Details
  7. Profi Neon Backpack
    Dane Profi Neon Backpack
    The Dane Profi Neon Backpack offers motorcyclists not only improved visibility on the road through its reflective inserts but also better protection when used with a SaS-TEC CE back protector (available to purchase separately). Ideal for those seeking a smaller high visibility backpack for motorbike touring. Other design features of this black and signal yellow Dane Profi Neon Backpack include: ...Details
  8. Dane Neon Backpack
    Dane Neon Backpack
    The Dane Neon Backpack is suitable for motorcyclists looking for a high visibility backpack with decent storage capacity for their luggage and laptop whilst on the road. This black and signal yellow Dane Neon backpack has a greater storage capacity than Dane's Profi Neon version making it suitable to carry up to a 17 inch laptop. Other design features of this high visibility backpack include: h...Details